Friday, February 09, 2007

Anca's favorite Top-V photos - week of Feb 5, 2007

Hello everyone,

This week I am trying a slight variation of Admin Admired. Along with the brief review, the thumbnail versions of all these photos have also been posted to the blog. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

-- from Bella Bellinsky - (?)

This lonely coat rack reminds me of night-time walks past deserted store fronts - it's beautifully moody and allows the viewer to project a story onto the scene if they wish, or simply enjoy the shapes and colors.

-- from weddingsbyrobert - (?)

Really nice perspective in this shot. The sign contrasts nicely with the endless freedom expressed in the blue sky.

-- from daneli - (?)

Dana's carefully orchestrated fashion self-portraits are a wonderful discovery for this week. This one, expecially, has a richness to the light, and the pose is just perfect.

-- from msc_photo - (?)

The use of HDR in this photo imbues it with some of the optimism that drives high-tech. The snow is really neat. Take a look at some of the other shots from msc_photo - the sunsets are also really nice.

-- from BBMaui - (?)

In this still life with wet stones, we see the hidden brightness of river rocks. This shot falls in the category "nature is cool."

-- from Enno de Kroon - (?)

Enno de Kroon paints surreal cubist-like figures on egg cartons. The effect is quite stunning - a little creepy, perhaps, but entirely absorbing.
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